Papaya Seed Smoothie + Action Dust

Did you know that papaya seeds are edible? Papaya seeds can help to detox the liver, as well as improve kidney health and prevent renal failure. They are anti-inflammatory and have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties too. Papaya seeds are high in the enzyme papain, which is beneficial for digestion, but can act as a natural contraceptive for both men and women, so they are best avoided for women currently or trying to get pregnant.
» 1 banana
» ¼ medium Mexican papaya (or ½ Hawaiian)
» ½ cup coconut flesh
» 1 cup tart cherry juice (can also sub pineapple juice or coconut water)
» ½-1 Tbsp fresh papaya seeds
» 1 tsp Moon Juice Shop Action Dust (*optional)
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